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I'm not sure if I was expecting too much from this tool. When I first got this I felt a little let down, but a year later I'm using it regularly and it's my main choice for hair removal.
The first time I used this it really hurt! It feels like hundreds of bees lightly stinging you. I almost gave up there and then but I've learnt some tricks to lessen the pain.
First, you should massage skin with the rollerball on the head attachment on the area for at least 30 seconds. This helps to get your blood flowing. This doesn't solve the problem but it does help.
Second, the shorter and thinner your hair is the less it hurts. Using this regulary really is the key. Do not leave it for months before you have one long session.
Third, using this regulary also helps you to get use to the pain and it lessens. Honestly.
Fourth, epilate in the direction of your hair growth, not against!
I only use this on my legs, arms and armpits. It really hurts on your armpits, but I use the tips above to really help. I can't use this on my bikini line, it just hurts too much and nothing I do helps! It's more painful than waxing!

I've gotten ingrown hairs from using this, but I realised I was epilating wrong. Now, I epilate in the direction of hair growth, then once in the opposite direction and my ingrown hairs have reduce but I still get them.

Another reviewer stated that this takes a long time to use, and I agree with this, but to reduce the time it takes, I try to use this regulary when hair is shorter - just as a quick going over and it really is much less effort. Ever few weeks is enough.

The overall results are not as perfect as a salon wax, but miles better than shaving and cost effective.

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