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Housewife - begginner level :D

byEiah Jul 6, 2009
Pros cheap, does the job
Cons not always accurate
This microwave is nothing special, does the job, not less not more. When you move into a place, and you quickly need something, but you are not too fussy, this can be the one you go for, as it is cheap. The timer is not always accurate, so if you are well experienced in exactly howmany seconds you want your food in, do not rely on it solely, but if it's gonna be more or less fine anyway, then you can go for it. In defrost I often found that the result wasn't even, the surface was warm, the inside still ice, but this often happens anyway - or I'm not that bothered. :D Good one for a begginer level housewife, or students, in shared accommodation.

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