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£14.90 Dennerle CO2 long-term test Correct + pH - Complete Set
£2.50 P&P
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For the continuous, exact control of CO2 content in the aquarium. / With the Long-Term Test Correct you can measure the CO2 content of your aquarium over the span of 1 month. The CO2 Special Indicator responds to the CO2 content by changing colour: blue = too little CO2 green = ideal CO2 level yellow = too much CO2 The level of CO2 in the aquarium can be read directly from the six-colour scale in milligrams per litre. This provides a simple and reliable means of setting the correct CO2 supply level. The CO2 long-term test Correct even allows you to monitor the pH value in your aquarium at the same time! Key benefits: Simplicity: No additional measurement of carbonate hardness is necessary. Only a single colour-matching scale is required. Safety: The CO2 long-term test Correct +pH... Less

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