Food Dehydrator 10 Tray Digital Display Food Fuit Beef Jerky Preserver Machine

The high-performing food dehydrator RCDA-800/10P by Royal Catering allows you to prepare healthy, dried food in your restaurant, bar or at home. During the drying process, water is extracted from food items such as fruit, vegetables, herbs or meat and fish, making them edible and durable for a much longer time. You can just as easily prepare healthy apple or banana chips as beef jerky or dried slices of vegetable. The heating element of the food dehydrator is powered by 800 watts and reaches the desired temperature quickly, as well as keeping it at a constant level with its handy temperature control system. The food dehydrator has a temperature range from 32 to 68°C. The digital display of the food dehydrator is easy to handle, even by beginners, and indicates the temperatures in both C.