Retro Popcorn Maker Commecial Pop Corn Machine Professional Cinema Party Popcorn

The RCPR-16.1 popcorn machine from Royal Catering is suitable for the professional use at festivals, for celebrations, or the annual markets and other such events. In addition to the heated floor panel and the powerful 1,600 Watt heating element, this item is distinguished by its unique USA design. The housing of the popcorn machine is made of high-quality stainless steel, therefore can be cleaned easily. The load capacity of the device is 16 litres and can produce up to 5 kg of popcorn per hour. The removable stainless steel pot has a diameter of 18.5 cm. The Teflon coating prevents the popcorn sticking and burning. This is also very easy to clean therefore quick to re-use. Through the appealing, iconic American design and stickers, this machine provides a glamorous sight and spreads the.