Infrared Indoor Grill Infrared BBQ Tabletop Grill Smoke-Free 1780W 240°C

Smokeless indoor grilling with the infrared grill The infrared grill is ideal for cooking indoors and guarantees juicy meat without smoke or grease spatters. But the infrared grill is not only suited for a perfect T-bone steak—this multifunctional device can also be used to cook fish, chips and vegetables as perfectly as it does grilled chicken, kebabs, prawns or seafood. Modern cooking devices for light and healthy cuisine Grilling is a healthy way of preparing all types of foods to make them low in fat and crispy. Now, you can bring this style of cooking indoors with the indoor grill from bredeco and its innovative infrared technology—smoke- and odour-free! During cooking, the fat runs into the provided drip tray without burning and causing unpleasant odours. A tempered glass lid prot.