Valeton Dapper Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Strip with BOOST COMP ENVELOPE

ATTENTION: ALL ELECTRONIC DEVICES HAVE A VOLTAGE OF 110-240 V : Valeton Dapper Bass Guitar Multi-Effects Pedal Strip w/h BOOST/COMP+ENVELOPE FILTER+PRE-AMP+OCTAVE+CHORUS+FX LOOP+TRU/XLR OUTPUT+TUNER for Bass Players Valeton Dapper Bass is a integrated tonal solution. We've never forget all the bassists out there, Hail to the true groove masters. It's all about that bass. The strip type of shape of Dapper Bass makes it extremely compact and easy to carry. You can just grab it and put it in any bag you are carrying on a daily basis, which is really friendly to all the gigging musicians. It comes with a TRU output for you to run through some parallel effects (rack processors, interfaces, etc.) or do some re-amping, and a XLR output, feeding a balanced signal to audio interfaces or mixers.