Popcorn Making Popping Corn Kernels With Cart Maker Machine 8 Oz Large

The popcorn machine with cart RCPW-16E from Royal Catering has been designed especially for professional catering needs and is an absolute eye-catcher. It impresses not only by its upbeat design, the appealing red design with a cart, but also with its heated and illuminated chamber, stirring system and automatic thermostat. Benefit from the popcorn machine RCPW-16E and treat yourself to an exceptional popcorn experience - whether at the cinema, at fairs or festivals! Delicious popcorn guaranteed - with the popcorn machine by Royal Catering! The included cart allows you to use the popcorn machine flexibly at any time. The large front wheels and the smaller rear wheels, which are 360 ​​degrees rotatable, ensure an easy movement of the machine. The two parking brakes on the small wheels pr.