Audio Accessories 2x48 TT MINI SHORTI Quick-SwitchEDAC-3 Patchbay 2RU to 3-Pin

---excellent condition ---pulled from a Hollywood studio ---Professionally packaged for safe shipping with UPS ground Audio Accessories 2x48 TT MINI SHORTI (EDAC-3) Quick-Switch Patch Bay WEP-962-SH, Audio Accessories TT MINI Shorti 2RU Patch Bay to 3-Pin EDAC For exceptional flexibility, check out Audios exclusive Quick-Switch normalling system. 2RU, these 172 MINI (Bantam/TT) patchbays have the Tip, Ring, and Sleeve of each jack out to individual 3-Pin EDAC connectors. Then it is mounted on the rear of a 3-inch deep SHORTI box, with a cabling support tray behind for bundling incoming cables. The Quick-Switch normalling pod (located on the rear of the unit) allows you to set the individual normals on a per jack-pair basis.