2 IKEA Spare Part # 130527 (PAX KOMPLEMENT) Mount Garment Rack (White)

· 2 brackets for extendable clothes rail (plastic) (IKEA part no. 130527) You can find a detailed product description from the manufacturer. new (technically perfect), NO 3D print, original IKEA parts A set with the corresponding screws can also be ordered under item number 185299929955. To do this, enter the number in the Ebay search bar. see information under "Shipping and payment methods" and in general: the shipping fee includes costs for postage, packaging, etc. On request and depending on the item weight and size, a insured Shipping is possible. option price suggestion (if available): If several items are purchased or if an item has been online for a long time, we are also happy to make realistic price proposals. Please send us a message and we will reply if necessary. with a price.