For Xzent X-427 Portable Home Motorhome Camper Navigation Software Eu 47 Country

are not in the item price or the Shipping costs included. This is pre-installed on a micro SD card and is instant ready to go. Simply insert the micro SD card and the After the initial start-up, you have 1 year to spare Motorhome navigation software with maps for 47 countries: Western and Eastern Europe, Great Britain, Turkey, Ukraine, Preconfigured motorhome vehicle profiles with input of Camping POI package with approx. 20,000 points of interest and Detailed information (multilingual in DE / EN / NL / IT / FR) Europe Premium POI package with over 6.5 million points of interest Lane assistant, tunnel mode, auto-zoom for intersections and Roundabout, intelligent calculation of alternative routes, etc. TPEG Service * with traffic information via DAB + Software update available if it is avai.