3X Bissli Osem, Israeli Crunchy Wheat Snack BBQ Flavored Original Taste 67 gr

The invention originates in 1970, when Osem recognized that Israel lacks a savory snacks market. It did not even have a name… Grill-Flavored Bissli was born out of Osem’s expertise – pasta production. The source of the name is the bite-size of the yummi bisslings in the bag. Today, the series includes six winning flavors: Grill, Barbecue, Onion, Pizza, Falafel and Mexican as well as the successful Extreme Bissli series! Bissli is without a doubt one of the most popular and bestselling crunchy snacks in Israel. We can hear you crunching away on Bissli… we see you. In a nutshell, you stand out.