Baby Cabinet Storage Units 3-Drawer Cute Toy Storage Kids Bedroom Furniture

BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Soft and pretty pink and white in colour, it is ideal for bringing in a gentle wash of colour into your child’s bedroom.|FIVE STORAGE COMPARTMENTS: Provides plenty of room to keep everything tidy and organised over the two drawers and two cabinets, each with a door and star shaped handle. Open cube on bottom right to display their toys and books etc. with pride.|MDF BODY: Durable and resilient against everyday wear and use, with attachments on back to connect to wall, safely keeping it in place and preventing it from toppling over. WOOD LEGS:. Keeps cabinet balanced and level, with foot pads to protect floor beneath from damage.|SMOOTH SURFACE: A beautiful finish which can be cleaned easily, keeping it hygienically clean and looking beautiful. DIMENSIONS: 81H x 105L x 4.