Fast Gaming PC VR Ready, GTX 1650, Quad Core i5, 16GB, 2TB, Bundle Set Speakers

You are looking at the ultra-fast budget-friendly AW Gaming Raider Gaming PC. There are various options for you to choose from based on your budget. This system is fully capable and the packages have been expertly put together to specifically target high output gaming. All accessories are brand new, and come with individual warranty from the manufacturers. GPU Choose from either no Graphics Card (Install your own) The GTX 1050 TI or The GTX 1650 TI Both of which can handle AAA games with ease at good frames and are VR Ready. It has 4GB Onboard Ram and plenty of outputs for Dual Screen setup. RAM Maxed out with 16GB Ram this system can multitask with ease. Expect fast load times and minimal waits, we always pair RAM modules to ensure that they run in Dual Channel.