PMR446 Retevis two Way Radio Walkie Talkie RT27 Monitor DCS Encryption 16Ch UK

Make your calls more private, avoid interruptions Although RT27 walkie talkie already have 50 CTCSS, 210 DCS encryption system to ensure the privacy of your calls with your partners, but for further protecting your privacy, the RT27 provides DCS encryption to ensure that you and your companions will not be interfered by other people during calling How to use these two side buttons? Press the side button 1 for a short time to turn on or off the Scan function; Pressing the side button 1 for a long time activates the Emergency Alarm function and an alarm sounds; Press the side button 2 to turn on the Monitor function; press the side button 1 and button 2 to turn it on at the same time, the VOX function will be activated, then release the side button 2, adjust the VOX sensitivity level by pres.