Still Spirits Top Shelf Strawberry Schnapps With Liqueur Base Mix makes 1.125L

Still Spirits Top Shelf Strawberry Schnapps and Liqueur Base mix. This essence and mixing base combination gives the perfect texture and sweetness. A sweet liqueur with the soothing taste of strawberry jam. Add essence and 650ml Alcohol @ 40% to SS Schnapps Base (made up as per Schnapps Base Pack instructions). Alternatively 180ml Sugar and 100ml Liquid Glucose. Top up to 1.125L with water Makes 1.125 Litres (17 US fl oz) of the Spirit or Liqueur of your choice. We have hundreds of other flavours available at our shop Contains no alcohol. This is a flavouring to be added to your own clear alcohol. 10.5cm (H) NET CONT. 50ml. Label image may vary.