ROLAND GR-55GK Guitar And Bass Synthesizer

The GR-55 offers a triple tone generation from two PCM synthesizers (with more than 900 sounds from the latest Roland synthesizer technology) and a sound chain with COSM guitar / bass / synth / amp modeling (from the VG-99, included Change of mind at the push of a button). Thanks to years of research, the GR-55 has the absolutely fastest and safest tone detection for the synth sounds, the modeling sounds have always been completely instantaneous! In addition to inexhaustible sound combinations, the GR-55 offers other groundbreaking features: playback of audio data from a USB stick (via foot control, ideal for playback), two multi-effects processors, 20-second looper on board, USB interface for audio and MIDI, very easy operation with "Easy Edit" function and extra large display. ADDITIONAL.