MOOER Preamp Live - Digital Multi Preamp Modeler

The PREAMP LIVE from MOOER is the flagship of the popular micro preamps. The digital preamp models in this unit are the best of the best from MOOER. Each of the 50 preamp models is a detailed replica of a real tube amplifier. In addition, you can capture the sound of your favorite amplifiers with the innovative TONE CAPTURE function. It also contains not only 12 preamp channels that can be completely programmed with pre / post boost and noise gates, but also offers 30 different cab simulations that you can assign individually to each channel. The PREAMP LIVE is a platform for guitarists to conveniently set up and control amp sounds in any live situation. Thanks to the well thought-out and intuitive controls and connections, the MOOER PREAMP LIVE is the ultimate digital preamp modeller for.