2-in-1 Popcorn & French Crêpe Pancake Maker Non-Stick Hot Plates 8" Pan Cook Egg

Popcorn & Crepe Maker 2 in 1 Machine - great for parties! With this 2-in-1 machine, you get a popcorn maker and an electric pancake pan in one easy-to-use package. Complete with popcorn lid that doubles as a bowl, 2 measuring cups and a wooden pancake spreader for 8" crepes and pancakes. With a wooden spatula Comes complete with a wooden mixture spreader for even thin crepes and a wooden spatula for turning and folding the creations during and after cooking. Versatile You can use this appliance to cook lots of other foods including eggs, omelettes, flatbreads and much more, and you can easily change the temperature gauge to suit whatever it is that you are cooking.