100PCS Vacuum Food Sealer Bags Vacum Sealer Dry Wet Pack Machine Food Bags UK

Description: BPA free multilayer design is constructed of durable yet pliable material that creates an airtight barrier around foods, extending freshness and locking in flavors The sealing strip in vacuum sealers heats to a precise temperature that works specifically with bag material, ensuring you get a secure airtight seal Use it when buying in bulk or on sale and storing the extra for later; portioning out meals throughout the week; camping and picnics; hunting and fishing; pantry storage; storing leftovers; sous vide cooking; and more Safe for storing raw and cooked foods, it's also freezer, refrigerator, microwave, and boil safe Specifications: Material: PE & Nylon Each Size:28x40cm Color: Clear Quantity: 100 PCS.