Qettle Q08 Replacement Water Filter Cartridge

QETTLE Q08 REPLACEMENT FILTER CARTRIDGE Your QETTLE tap's filter cartridge is essential to keeping your QETTLE system's heater tank in good health. It should be replaced every 6 months. ---QETTLE Q08 filter cartridge is especially formulated to tackle limescale - the enemy of electric elements such as the one in your QETTLE heater tank! ---If you have a QETTLE MINI, which dispenses filtered drinking water, your QETTLE Q08 cartridge also works to remove impurities e.g. chlorine. ---Thanks to the design of the QETTLE filter cartridge housing, it's very easy to replace a filter cartridge... 5 minutes and the job's done. ---The QETTLE Q08 filter cartridge is completely recyclable - simply dry it out and return it to us and we'll do the rest. ---Your new QETTLE Q08 filter cartridge will come with full fitting instructions.