Baofeng UV-F8+(UV-5R Upgrade) UHF VHF Dual Band Two Way Ham Radio Walkie Talkie

Features:1. Frequency step-by-step set2. High /Low power conversion     3. Power saving function    4. VOX voice operated transmit     5. Wide band/Narrow band function    6. 1.5" Backlight LCD Display7. Dual-frequency waiting      8. TOT overtime timer     9. 50 groups CTCSS and 104 groups DCS coding   10. Voice report number 11. ANI identity authentication 12. Computer/manual writing frequency13. DTMF coding14. PTT-ID recognition15. Automatic keypad lock16. BCL function17. Dua-section, dual-display, dual-frequency and dual-waiting18. Emergency alarm19. Priority scanning.