Home Cleaning Kit For Dyson Brush Tools DC16 DC24 DC34 DC35 Animal Absolute DC25

Specification: Bed brush head: For cleaning bed linen, curtains and sheets Hard bristle brush (wide): For removing stubborn dirt. Round brush: for removing dust from sofas, curtains, crevices, etc. Flat suction head: used to vacuum the dust that stays deep in the sofa nook, furniture cracks and others. Package Included: 1x bed brush head 1x hard bristle brush (wide) 1x round brush 1x flat sucker 1x Adapter Compatible models: For Dyson DC16 For Dyson DC24 Animal, For Dyson DC24 Multi Floor, For Dyson DC34 For Dyson DC34 Refurbished, For Dyson DC35 For Dyson DC35 Animal Exclusive to Dyson DC35 and other floor cleaning of sweeper furniture.