Line6 POD HD500X Guitar Multi FX Pedalboard.C/W Original Box/Packaging.

Line6 POD HD500X Guitar Multi FX Pedalboard.Light home use only with minimal signs of wear.Comes in original packaging/box. C/w the all important original Line 6 power supply. These have to be one of the most underrated multi effects units ever made.I say this because of the lambasting it receives on the net.Most,if not all of the criticisms come from the High gain players and if I’m honest they may have a point,but if you are a rock/hard rock or a country player the Hd500x is one of the best multi effects units out there.Crystal clear cleans and very good over driven tones for the cost of a decent pedal,you can’t go wrong. Have a look at my other items.Only reason I’m selling is to help fund the deposit on a new home. UK BUYERS ONLY.