8" Car Underseat Active Subwoofer Ultra-thin Audio High Power Speaker 600W 12V

1. Wiring: three wires must be connected (If there is no sound after installation, please check whether the wiring is connected to the three wires: 12v to the battery positive stage, REM to the host ACC or 12v in series, GND ground) 2. Adaptation: all cars with 12V power supply can be used. Product features: *600W bass, the 68mm thin subwoofer is directly installed under the passenger seat *8 inch high-power active subwoofer, excellent low frequency performance, pure low music output, surging sound effect *PU leather wooden body PU leather-wrapped wooden body reduces noise caused by vibration to a limited extent *High-strength stainless steel horn protective net cover, black paint, not easy to rust *1.4mm thick mesh material, strong pressure resistance *Frequent maintenance and mainte.