Lovehoney Dildo Sex Toy - Lifelike Lover - Realistic - Flexible - 8"

Once you're familiar with dildo play, you may feel like upping the ante with a larger model. That's where the Lifelike Lover Classic Realistic Dildo 8 Inch comes in. Boasting more length for a longer and harder climax, this buddy has the same reassuringly realistic shape as its slightly smaller companions. The handy suction cup sticks to most hard, flat surfaces, allowing you to fully enjoy the ridges and contours while your hands get to work elsewhere. Lube the length with your water-based favourite then get to work tickling the length. If you're a fan of the harness, this classic sex toy lends itself perfectly to strap-on fun. Use it with an O-ring that's 1.5 inch in diameter, then bring your partner in on the act.