3kg Biltong Maker / Dehydrator / Box Combo - Cutter / Chopping Board & Spices

This is the perfect combination for those looking to start making their own biltong. Our listing includes a 3kg starter biltong maker, an oak wood cutter and a set of 6 spices. The box works with an LED fan only. It needs to be used in a warm environment (indoors preferably) with low humidity. It is the perfect box if you’re new to making your own biltong & want to give it a go. It is a misconception that heat is the key ingredient that dries the biltong. Heat is required to lower the humidity as here our British climate is very humid compared to Africa, it is the airflow that dries the biltong. After all, the whole concept of biltong is it being air-dried, so don’t worry too much about the heat, we aren’t wanting to cook it! This box can hold up to 3kgs of wet meat, fish, fruit or herbs at one time.