Friendship Bracelets making kit for Holidays makes over 80 Bracelets

--sewing\n\n--& Embroidery\n\n MENU\n\n--ABOUT US\n\n--FEEDBACK PROFILE\n\n--items for sale\n\n--CONTACT US\n\n--\n\nHighest quality\n\n--\n\nAttractive prices\n\n--\n\nProfessional service\n\n--\n\nfast delivery\n\nHoliday Friendship Bracelet Kit\n\nKit Includes:\n75 Skeins: 70 Skeins craft thread Thread 8.7 Yards Each & 5 Skeins Specialty Threads 10 yards each\n8 Weave & Wheels & Project Instructions\nIncludes Metallics and Neon\nThese are made in Mexico and are high quality (not cheap rubbish from China)\n\nGreat for Kids Holidays - Keep them quiet for hours \n\nDelivery\n\nFast delivery - custom courier with tracking option provided.\n\nPayments\n\nAll payments are taken through eBay's managed payments system. \n\n--ABOUT US\n\n--FEEDBACK PROFILE\n\n--items for sale\n\n--CONTACT US\n\nCopyright \u00A9 2023 bedfordsewingandembroidery