245mm Flat Microwave Oven Glass Turntable Plate 9.75"" For Panasonic NNE252

UNIVERSAL Microwave Plates\n 245mm \nBrand new premium oem quality from  microwave glass supplier , compatible smooth or 3 lug design glass plates for a wide variety of microwaves. \nMade from heat resistant glass and fully dishwasher safe.\nReplacement Glass Plate For LG Microwave Ovens.\n Plain Plate No Clover Leaf/Indentations, Flat Plate Sits Securely On Roller Ring.\n\nMeasures: 245mm Diameter.\n \nFits Models: MH5847C, MS1922E, MS1942ES, MS194WS, GT19GW, MB393MC, MS191MC, MS192AS, MS1944JL, MB3822, MB3947C, MS191MCBL, MS192ASS, MS1944W, MB3822C, MB394AA, MS191MCG, MS192AY, MS194A, MB3822ES, MB395US, MS191MCY, MS192W, MS194ABL, MB3822G, MH5843AL, MS1922C, MS192WG, MS194AG, MB382W, MS1905C, MS1922ES, MS192WS, MS194ASS, MB384WS, MS1905CBL, MS1922H, MS1942C, MS194AY, MB3907C, MS1905CG, MS1923J, MS1942CS, MS194W, MB392A, MS1905CY, MS192A, MS1942ES, MS194WG, MB392AA, MS1907C, MS192ABL, MS1943ALT, MS194WS, MS197H, NNE202W, NNE232MBBPQ, NNE252W, ST20GS, MS.