Serge Lutens At Home Patio, Home Spray 100ml

How To Use Spray your interior with the amount of home perfume to suit your desired intensity. An experience to be repeated over and over again, without leaving your home.; Do not apply on skin or directly on fabric. Product Details An authentic walk in the heart of an arsa, Le Jardin Arabe Magnestises with its spellbinding fragrance of night-blooming jasmine… a timeless place you never want to leave. "A call to silence. To letting flowers have their say and listening for the sound of their delicate fragrance. An audible appeal!" Serge Lutens ; Storyteller, eternal dreamer, rooted explorer, Serge Lutens transports us into a world of his own making through this At Home perfume collection: five memorable olfactory journeys across five houses, each reflecting a facet of his personality. Full Ingredients Contains: LINALOOL, LINALYL ACETATE, LIMONENE, BENZYL CINNAMATE.;