The Gift Experience Women's Pink/Red Shoes Fund Charity Box Birthday Gifts | For The Shoe Addict With No Funds 22.5X9.7x9.7cm

Know a shoeaholic who needs extra funds for their addiction?This charity box should help them get the donations they need... as long as they ask nicely!The label around the donation box says: "Please Support My New Shoes Fund Because I've Got No Money But A Huge Shoe Fetish!"Also included in this very charitable gift is a set of stickers to proudly give to those who have donated to such a great cause.  For the shoe addict with no funds. Includes a set of stickers for those who donate. Bright pink and purple colour scheme.Measures 22.5 x 9.7 x 9.7 cm.Weighs 169 g. What you get:1 x Shoes Fund Charity Box.1 x Set of Stickers.