Gift Republic Adopt A Giraffe Gift Pack Multi

Adopt a Giraffe Gift Pack - Passionate about doing better for our planet? Keen to bring a wholesome and responsible twist to your loved one's celebrations? Gift them the joy of taking care of a furry friend. There is a wide range of Adopt and Animal Gift Packs which work in tandem with charities to choose from. Charities include Panda International, ORCA, the People's Trust for Endangered Species (PTES), South-eastern Llama Rescue (SELR), and Birdworld UK, who strive towards the conservation of animal habitats and protection of species. With a simple click, you can register to adopt an animal of your choice, adopt them, and receive a welcome letter, a fact sheet containing cool and important facts about the species, an engaging infographic about them, a poster and postcard. To top it off, there is also a personalised supporter certificate included in the gift which announces your love for the wild to all. The gift packs that are available for you to choose from are: Adopt a Panda : Along with Panda International, learn more about Pandas, save one of them, and get a souvenir poster to hang on your wall. Adopt an Orca : With ORCA, save a magnificent beast of the waters and learn more about their lives and receive a postcard along with it! Adopt an Elephant : Save these kind-hearted elephants as they make their way through migration paths, and find a postcard and poster included in your gift. Adopt a Monkey : The chattering bunch of monkeys or apes will be lucky to have you as a sponsor for one of their own. Adopt a Llama : Become the spitting image of rescue and adopt a handsome llama. Adopt a Giraffe : You won't have to stick your necks out long to support one of these beauties and work towards saving their habitat. Adopt a Big Cat : Big cats roam in small numbers. Bring a change to this by adopting one and supporting their survival journey. Adopt a Dolphin : Protect these beautiful and friendly sea creatures with your gift of adoption. Adopt a Flamingo : Bring vibrancy to their special day by adopting one of these gorgeous birds. Adopt an animal of your choosing for 12 months. Choose 1 of 9 animal adoption packs. Receive a personalised supporter certificate after registration. Personalised supporter certificate will be dispatched in 28 days. Receive updates from the charities regarding various developments. Receive infographics, postcards, and posters for more information on the species. Makes for a thoughtful present for a lover of wildlife and nature 1xWelcome Letter 1xYour Gift Explained 1xFact Sheet From Concerned Charity 1xFact Sheet About The Adopted Animal/Bird 1xInformation Leaflet On The Animal/Bird 1xPoster/Infographic 1xPostcard 1xRegistration Sheet