Ecozone Rinse Aid, 500Ml

Ecozone Rinse Aid: Ensure your dishes and glasses are left sparkling with every load. The natural ingredients in the formula help to clear any unwanted particles during the dishwasher’s rinse cycle Universal non-toxic dishwasher detergent: Works to dry dishes faster - reducing water marks, smearing and streaking, without the need for harsh chemicals and extra scrubbing before or after the wash Cruelty free, gentle and vegan friendly formula: Approved by PETA and not tested on animals. Septic tank safe. Approved by Allergy UK to be allergy friendly and safe for sensitive skin, and appliances For all makes and models of machines: An effective yet gentle rinse aid which is formulated with natural ingredients, no palm oil and no animal products. Safe to use on plates, cutlery, cups and more A smart green clean with Ecozone: Created by families for families. Environmentally conscious cleaning products that work, inspired by plant-based, natural ingredients with no nasty hidden chemicals