Pandora Thank You Mum Heart Charm

Say thanks to Mum for always being there with this meaningful charm from Pandora. This heart shaped charm features an open centre with the word "Mum" written across the centre. The "U" in Mum has also been replaced with a heart for a sweet touch. Hanging below the heart charm are two smaller heart shaped pendants - one crafted in silver, the other with Pandora Rose. The silver heart is engraved with: "Love" whilst the rose heart has been engraved with "Thanks" Turn the charm around to find the message: "Thank you for being there" A lovely gift to reflect your love and gratitude for Mum! Sterling silverPandora Rose - A unique blend of metals combined to create the feminine, warm look of this blush-hued jewellery"Mum, Thank you for being there" Heart shaped charm with two heart pendants below