Hex Lighting LED Single Hex BEST ON EBAY! UK BASED

HEXAGRID LED UK -  Modular Easy Install Lighting System\n\nSimple Plug & play modular lighting system\n\nShow off your space in a unique, eye-catching way with our \nhexagon lighting system. We have various size grids in stock ready to \ndispatch from our UK warehouse, utilising an easy to install, plug and \nplay design.\n\nOur Hexa Grid system is a great way\n to transform any inside area, our systems are the easiest to install on ebay and we are also very proud to produce the best quality hear in the UK!\n\nOur Grids are a very simple just slide and click the tubes in using the simple locking tabs on the connectors\nthe grid can be build in as little as 10 minutes unlike others, and only 1 power supply is needed.\n\nBrilliant 6500K White Light \n110-120 lm/w Luminous flux rating\n2 Years Warranty \nUp to 60,000 Working Hours\n\nCan\n be screwed directly into the ceiling or suspended if required. This is \nthe premium lightweight system so super easy to install.&E