Retro Popcorn Machine Cinema Style Commercial Popcorn Maker + Cart 1600W 5Kg/H

Popcorn machine RCPW-16.2 an American design with Wagon from Royal Catering The RCPW-16.2 popcorn machine from Royal Catering has been specially designed for professional use and is a guaranteed eye-catcher for any occasion. Not only does it feature a heated base plate and a powerful heating element, but also a special US design. With the simple black machine with wagon and the American retro design, you always stand out from the crowd and will not only inspire popcorn lovers. The housing of the popcorn machine is made of high-quality, coated iron and can be cleaned easily. Thanks to the powerful integrated heating element, which operates with 1600 watts, the machine is quickly heated up and ready for use. The performance of the device is 16 litres of popcorn per hour (equivalent to 5 k.