Ancol Baby Powder Dog Shampoo & Ancol Cologne Baby Powder Perfume Spray

The perfect combination for every dog breed - Ancol Dog Shampoo and Ancol Baby Powder Cologne for dogs. Ancol Baby Powder Shampoo: Gorgeous 'Baby Bath' scent ---Gentle on the skin, perfect for dogs and puppies ---Strong cleansing power with natural essential oils ---200 ml concentrated formula; up to 20 washes per bottle ---Proudly made in the UK ---Our new shampoo bottles are made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, and both the bottle and cap can be recycled. This change has been made as part of our environmental plan ---Important: Do not allow water or shampoo to get into your dog's ears. Avoid getting shampoo in or near your dog's eye, nose, or mouth. Ancol Baby Powder Cologne: ---Sweet dogs will smell delicious with BB Cologne from Ancol. The nostalgic scent of baby powder brings to mind childhood baths.