WICKEDGIZMOS Popcorn Maker Machine Fat Free Healthy Retro Hot Air Popper 1200W

WICKED GIZMOS DELUXE RETRO STYLE POPCORN MAKER METALLIC RED ​ The WICKED GIZMOS Retro Styled Popcorn Maker with Scoop and 6 Serving Boxes The WICKED GIZMOS Electric Retro Popcorn Maker is a convenient counter-top popcorn cooker that uses hot air circulation and little to no oil, making for much healthier, tastier popcorn that is virtually fat-free. Simply pour the kernels into the maker using the included scoop, and within a couple of minutes you can watch the corn popping and flowing out the front spout once ready. Children and Adults alike will be fascinated by the simple convenience of fresh-popped corn. Whether it's a film in the front room or a lunchbox snack, there are plenty of occasions to enjoy a tasty popcorn treat! There's nothing quite like home-popped popcorn, it's much better value and healthier than store-bought.