Portable Solar Radio Emergency Handcrank AM/FM Phonecharger SOS Alarm Flashlight

【A MUST-HAVE FOR EMERGENCY】Built-in rechargeable battery with 4000mAh to charge your cell phone in emergency, AM/FM portable radio, a super bright flashlight with 3 modes, a reading lamp with motion sensor, SOS alarm, a hand crank and a solar panel to charge the battery. The solar radio meets all your needs, very convenient for emergency.【Replaceable BATTERY WITH 4000mAh CAPACITY】The solar radio uses a replaceable 4000mAh Li-ion battery, the battery capacity is double or even four times than other solar radios on the market, this greatly increases the battery life of the radio, and also in case of power failure or emergency, the radio can be used as a power bank for your cell phone.【4 POSSIBILITIES FOR CHARGING】Bad weather always causes power out.