V7 Vehicle Early Warning Lidar Flow Speed Radar Detector for Cars Alarm SystemBZ

Features1. Full Frequency Mobile 360 Degree Radar Velocimeter: English/Russian/Chinese trilingual, with full frequency acceptance of LASER.X.K.Ka.CT and other speed measurement early warnings of 200-1000M (accurate 350M) to protect you.2. Flash Screen Radar: Tailored high sensitivity flash screen radar that can comprehensively scan and receive all alarm information. X.K.KA.L.VG-2 full frequency radar reception function makes early warning information comprehensive and accurate.3. Humanized Warning: Broadcast in advance, and as the distance from the transmission source of the speed measuring equipment changes, the signal changes from weak to strong, and the sound changes from slow to rapid warning.4. Intelligent System: Driving assistance has the best K/KA ba.