Slick 12in 2400w MAX Twin Active Car Audio Bass Box Subwoofer Enclosure Amp Kit

Product Description: Hybrid venting combines both slot and tube ports to deliver incredible low frequencies. Lean and mean vented bass enclosure. The all new SLICK V12 delivers all the performance you've come to expect from the SLICK CBR but in a slim form factor. Ideally suited to vehicles with small or shallow trunk space, the SLICK V12 is over 30% less deep than its bigger CBR sibling yet manages to match the performance. The SLICK V12 series are designed to offer maximum compatibility with a wide range of amplifiers thanks to their dual voice coils. - Unique Amplifier Docking System allows easy fitment of the Vibe Powerbox 400.1M which is included - Ported enclosure delivers higher SPL and boosted bass response - Hybrid vent incorporating a slot port and flared turbo .