Nasa Clipper Bm 2,Battery Monitor,12 Volt, Incl. Shunt New Boat Accessories

Clipper Battery Monitor BM 2, monitors the battery performance of 12V lead-acid batteries with a capacity of up to 999 Ah Very easy to read 75 x 85 mm displays Daughter device can be connected 8-level lighting can be activated 110 x 110 mm housing, robust with a waterproof front Service-friendly, screwed housing Monitors the battery performance from 12V lead-acid batteries with capacities up to 999 Ah Display of voltage (V), current strength (A, charging or discharging), amperage. (Ah, charging or discharging), charging status in% and charging / discharging time Power consumption 3 mA + 25 mA lighting illustration if necessary deviating  All technical data are non-binding, errors excepted                Don't miss any more offers! We will conveniently inform you about offers and promotio.