Plantronics Blackwire 300DA Stereo USB-A Computer Desktop Laptop Headset C325.1

Plantronics Blackwire C325 UC Standard Headset is an upgraded solution in the Blackwire 300 Series, offering foam ear cushions that fold flat, and a soft carry case for improved mobility that provides a value-add offering at the entry level. Blackwire C325 is the best-featured headset you never thought your budget could buy. Blackwire C325 Series USB headsets are a simple-to-use, comfortable, and durable choice for conference calls, Web-based training, and PC multimedia and 3.5mm smartphone, tablet applications. Plus, they’re priced right, easy to deploy, and offer a simple-to-upgrade UC solution that IT can roll out easily and rely on. UC Standard version built for UC applications and soft phones from Avaya, Cisco, IBM, Skype and more Buyer is responsible for paying any governmental taxes.