Cotton Interlining Fusible Interfacing Iron-on Stiffening Fabric Support Lining

Our cotton fusible interfacing/interlining fabric has a fusible coating. It's used to strengthen fabric such as corduroy, cotton poplin, velvet and other types of medium-lightweight fabrics. This very versatile material is great to add stability to a fabric that would usually be a little fiddly to handle on its own.This additional layer can help all types of sewing including collars, cuffs, pockets, waistbands and more. It will strengthen, shape and add support to the material. This fusible version of interlining fabric can be heated up with the iron in order to activate it, so attach it with the fabric you intend to work on and iron on a low-medium setting. This fabric is great to use in all light to medium-weight fabrics and can be used for corduroy,velvet, cotton poplin and more.