George Foreman 23450 10-Portion Entertaining Grill and Griddle, 2180 W, Black

The benefits of cooking with a George Foreman grill are so many and varied that its little wonder it remains the one of the worlds no.1 health grill even over 15 years after it was first launched. Its quick, easy to use, grills a whole host of food and can help you to cook up a healthier, tastier meal or snack in no time. The 23450 grill and griddle from George Foreman combines a separate grill and griddle feature, allowing you to whip up a full hearty breakfast in no time. Have your sausages and bacon on the grill while your fried eggs, tomatoes mushrooms and hash browns are cooking on the griddle. Both the grill and griddle have independent temperature controls allowing you to alter the temperature of the surface dependent on the food type.