Severin JG 3518 Yoghurt Maker 150 ml Serving Jars With Leakproof Lids White/Grey

Make your own delicious yoghurt with the Severin JG 3518 Yoghurt Maker. This electric yoghurt maker comes with 150 ml serving jars and leakproof lids in a stylish white and grey colour scheme. It has a power of 130 W and voltage of 240 V, making it a reliable and efficient choice for your kitchen. The Severin JG 3518 Yoghurt Maker is designed with non-slip rubber feet and a retractable cord for easy storage. It is made in Germany and comes with a unit quantity of 1. The components included in the package are jar lid, jars, and cup. With its brand name Severin, this yoghurt maker is a great addition to your small kitchen appliances.