#4011 Honda Z 50 Z50 Nuts, Bolts, & Miscellaneous Hardware

The items for sale are the 1979 Honda Z 50 R - Nuts, Bolts, & Miscellaneous Hardware. Included are all the nuts, bolts, and miscellaneous hardware that came from dismantling this motorcycle. Includes everything shown in the photos. Also included is the piston, however please note two of the rings are missing and this does have some damage to the lower part of the skirt. Also included is the gas tank petcock, however the lever is broken off however it still seems to function fine. Also included is an aftermarket style air filter however the rubber around the mounting point is torn. Also included is an aftermarket throttle assembly and throttle cable. Please note it appears that it has been modified where the cable adjuster threads into the assembly. The throttle cable has been made to fit.