Piaggio MP3 500 Since 04.03.19 Set Oil Filter Air Spark Plug Eni I-Ride 5W40

Of course, we would also be happy to create a service kit for you according to your wishes (different oil, spark plugs, etc.). Many other items available in the shop or on request, such as brake pads, spark plugs, tools for changing the oil. Furthermore, we can also offer many original spare parts. We will take back the amount of combustion engine or gear oil purchased from us as used oil free of charge for professional disposal. The return also extends to oil filters and oily waste that occurs regularly when changing the oil. You can use the used oil or Hand in the oil filter and regular oil-containing waste to us personally when changing the oil. Alternatively, you can choose to ship by post if you pay the shipping costs. Please ensure that used oil is labeled as dangerous goods when.