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Workout Coach : Fitness Basics 2  Article number: DVD 2192  Artist: Special Interest  Title: Workout Coach : Fitness Basics 2  Release date: 04/27/2012  THE FAST FATBURNER WORKOUT PART 2 – DIRECTLY TO PARTICIPATE – ON 3 DVDs !!! This fitness workshop part 2 deals again with the other well-known problem areas. The series is descriptive and easy to understand so effectively that you can get involved directly, so that visible success is achieved after just a short time. Part 1 offers a full body workout, Part 2 deals with back muscles & glutes and Part 3 concludes with abs. Article number: DVD 2192 Release date: 2012-04-27 Playing time: approx. 125 mins Audio format: Dolby Digital 2.0 Rating: Approved without age restriction Language: German, English YOU CAN FIND MORE IN OUR eBAY SHO.