Hoover Connected Air Purifier H-PURIFIER 300 HHP30C H13 HEPA & Carbon VOC Filter

H-PURIFIER 300 connected air purifier, with real time multi sensor automatic air quality monitoring with H-Trifilter protection. Featuring pollen inactivation, CO alert, sleep mode and customisable to the connected hOn app. The Hoover H-TRIFILTER system is made of 3 different layers - an outer layer, HEPA 13 & active carbon filter to protect your home from pollutants, up to 0.1 micron. The HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles up to 0.3 micron. The Air Quality LED Ring will change color depending on the air quality detected to allow an immediate feedback, green LED means excellent air quality. The Humidifier works to reach the desired relative humidity driven by its specific sensor.